This committee helps Polish American communities increase health and wellness. We support wellness initiatives and strategies for organizations. These initiatives range from healthcare issues, options for access to healthcare, legal aspects to seminars and policies. We also support various charities to help Polish Americans in need.

E-Health Initiative:
PACCE is seeking businesses, local governments, public service organizations, and medical practitioners who would like to participate in a project for using e-health to improve access to health care for elderly, mentally ill, or rural patients in Poland.  E-health has the potential to significantly improve lives of individuals who have difficulty traveling to a doctor, due to geographic, financial or health related reasons.
Substance Abuse Treatment Educational Initiative:
PACCE is seeking local governments, universities, public service organizations, and medical practitioners in Poland who would like to participate in an educational campaign about substance abuse issues in Poland.  The goal of the educational campaign is to increase Polish citizens awareness of local substance abuse problems, effective treatment options, and to connect patients to medical professionals. 
Public Health contact:
Barbara Andraka-Christou, J.D.
Chair of Public Health and Charities for PACCE 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.